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I am a woman of God. Therefore my landscapes portray spirituality and emotion. Generally, the main focus is on one tree. Sometimes, it can consist of a man-made structure or even a cloud formation overhead. It’s usually centered in the foreground and stands out from all the rest. It can represent a higher, spiritual being, someone with superior ranking or sometimes even myself! It brings forth optimism and blessings to emphasis a more positive state of mind. Trees or wooded areas in the background represent people in general (Christians, sinners, etc.) who are amazed and inspired by this unique tree.

In the rare case that a scene does not specifically focus on one tree, but rather a bushel of trees, it signals brotherly love and togetherness.

Other important factors include the weather in the scene, holding much more meaning than just a nice or messy day. Sunlight=God’s appearance. Snow=Cleansing of sin. Rain=Washing away of pain. Darkness=The unknown. A vantage point zeroing in on the background towards the horizon signifies the future and not knowing what lies ahead, but knowing that God will see you through.

Lastly, in the under painting, there is always a bible verse present, to connect with the scenario of the image.



Carla Lindsey